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quietearth [Celluloid 07.23.08] movie news drama

Apparently this is supposed to be like a Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet with kung-fu! nice. "Destiny, like butterflies, can be short-lived and yet beautiful. Legend has it that a golden couple from the celestial skies committed a gravest mistake and was banished to the mortal world. But that was just the beginning of their punishment: They are to fall madly in love with each other over ten life times but only to end in painful separation each time around¡ In Chinese literatures, LIANG Shan Bo and ZHU Yin Tai are the symbol of romantic love which ended in tragedy, just like Romeo and Juliet in west. According to legends, LIANG and ZHU have turned into butterflies after they die for love. But the legend does not end there.. This film is about a similar heart wrenching love story happened during the period of East Jun Dynasty in the world of the martial arts. And the golden couple this time are LIANG Zhong Shan and ZHU Yen Zhi - the reincarnation of LIANG Shan Bo and ZHU Yin Tai." Check the trailer after the break.

via Kaiju Shakedown
synopsis from KFC Cinema

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yan (14 years ago) Reply

hi! just want to ask when does butterfly lovers be shown on the big screen? will it be played here in the philippines? may i know the exact date? i would really appreciate if you answer.. thank you so much!

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