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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.25.08] movie trailer news fantasy

I don't know if Marco Kreuzpaintner's teen fantasy flick Krabat is specifically a remake of Otfried Preußler's novel "The Satanic Mill," ('71) or whether the tale has deeper roots in German folklore, but the story of a boy who is forced to work as an apprentice to an evil sorcerer certainly seems old-world gothic enough to be a traditional bedtime story. Obvious comparisons to the Harry potter cycle of films are bound to follow the film's showing at TIFF this year (I mean, I couldn't even escape it) but there's no question in my mind about who would win in a magic fight if Potter and Krabat went toe toe in the Thunderdome. Krabat would kick his whiny British butt all over the joint. Don't believe me? Check out the film's moody trailer after the break.

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christopher (13 years ago) Reply

the first title card says it's based on the novel by otfried preussler.


quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

agh!!!! I hate fantasy!


agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

Oh c'mon... it's German!

Plus I even restrained from posting those Red Sonja posters (they're in the forums btw).


Guy (13 years ago) Reply

"Krabat would kick his whiny British butt all over the joint."

Only because the Yanks were too petrified to make an English John Constantine. ;) Not to mention poor old Blade suddenly turning American.

Trailer looks quite interesting.


AB (13 years ago) Reply

It's based on the novel but Preußler was inspired by an old myth of the Sorbs.


Kantorka (13 years ago) Reply

The official Site is up - and quite a stunner! Walk the satanic Mill in 360° ... nice Score there btw. Don´t miss to give it a visit:


Kantorka (13 years ago) Reply

I'm delighted to find so many international reviews on this, and even more delighted most of them mention Preußler... as long as they do that, they can compare them to the HP films as much as they want! :) Previous poster is right, though, Preußler based his 1971 - The Satanic Mill in English, as you assumed rightly- on folk tales of wizard Krabat from the Sorbs, a slavonic minority living in what is today Saxony for thousands of years. The folk tale is a few centuries old.
Now I've had that nick for 8 years... and suddenly, I look like a Krabat fangirl...

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