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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 07.25.08] movie trailer news scifi horror

I just wanted to remind those of you in or around the San Diego area that essentially the entire Mutant Chronicles crew will be presenting the film, which is being billed as a "work in progress," for the first time and looking for feedback on how to make it as good a piece of scifi/horror/steampunk craziness as it ought to be. Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki, directer Simon Hunter and producer Edward R. Pressman will all be in attendance tomorrow (July 26th in room 6CEDF) as part of the Q&A session. And don't forget, if you do go, we want to hear all about it, so get in touch with us with your thoughts. In other MC news, the film's official website, which has laid dormant for months and months has finally been updated with an English version of that awesome Russian trailer we brought you a couple of weeks ago, along with all new cast and crew details, images, and a slightly new design. It's worth having a look at the trailer to remind yourself of how amazing this film will eventually be when all is said and done and someone finally wises up and picks it up for some proper distro.

Film's Official Website

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