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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.07.08] movie news scifi

Writer/director Rian Johnson became somewhat of an indie darling when his high school noir, Brick, dropped back in 2005. An extremely self aware tale of drugs, thugs, and murder set to the tones of 30s gangster dialog, Brick won me over with its style and humor, but lost points for using that grating post-modern meta cinematic style which, by 2005, had been sort of played out. It remains to be seen what Johnson has in store for us with his currently in production The Brothers Bloom, but I must say I'm looking forward to to his recently anounced 3rd feature called Looper. According to an interview Johnson had with IGN, Looper will feel very much like a Philip K. Dick tale (which sounds cool to me). Johnson went onto say that; "it's like the first Terminator in that time travel is involved with it, but only as a plot device... It's going to be really different than this. It's really violent and dark." At this point you can color me interested, though I must say the title, looper, brings back some bad memories of Jumper.

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