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quietearth [Celluloid 08.07.08] movie news

The Triad, Yakuza, and Brazilian mafia go head to head in Nelson Yu Lik-wai's Plastic City. "Set in the traditional oriental Liberdade neighborhood in downtown São Paulo, the story of Plastic City revolves around the relationship between Kirin and Yuda, father and son, a young impetuous dandy and an elderly Chinese outlawed. Together they head the pirated goods racket in Brazil. The magnate of false goods and his heir reign over the oriental neighborhood in the midst of rival gangsters, street hawkers, corrupted politicians and erotic dancers. But an empire conquered throughout the years can crumble to the ground in one false step. A politico-mafia conspiracy begins to menace Yuda. Little by little, he loses control of his business and is cast into a phase of decadence, culminating in his arrest. Kirin struggles to re-conquer his father’s honor, fighting this city war single handedly. But Yuda, feeling the years and tired of life, abandoning his son, falsifies his own death and returns to the forest in a last attempt to come to terms with his conscience. Escaping from a perplexing maze of violence, Kirin set out to find his father. In the mysterious forest, father and son have to wipe the slate of their past clean. Only at the end Kirin is going to discover the ultimate horror and answer of his search…" Stills following.

via KFC Cinema

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