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quietearth [Celluloid 08.11.08] news cyberpunk short scifi

Recently announced as part of the Fantastic Fest lineup, Outsource seems to be another take on the theme of cyberspace and real world interaction, mixed with technology's effect upon isolation. "Max suffocates in a cage of technology, cut off from the warmth of others. Surrounded by walls of monitors, he's literally anchored to a system that uses him as the mind of a distant floating service robot. Through it he performs menial tasks in the domain of the bourgeoisie. Max has no idea what happens in the neighboring cells, though. The constantly updating screens shift to obscure his view as he turns about. It's a dire life, but given the complete isolation, acceptance is the only option. When Max discovers a way to communicate with a neighboring prisoner the bleak reality begins to peel away. Together, they will discover just how much a simple human connection is worth." Unfortunately I can't find any trailer, but there's some very stunning stills after the break.

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