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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.12.08] movie trailer news dvd

In light of the DVD rant about pushed back Canadian release dates I went on a couple of weeks ago I should probably say that, this week, I've been made to eat my words. See, like many of you 70s apocalyptic scifi buffs out there, I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Z.P.G (or Zero Population Growth). Except after doing some research on the title, I realized that it was actually released in Canada back in June! So there you go, we Canucks might not be as hard done by as I originally thought. Another scifi flick out this week is Stephen Chow's charming CJ7 which I haven't actually seen yet. On the horror front we've got Dimension Extreme's retitled The Killing Gene (originally known was WAZ). Trailers, synopsis, and links after the break!

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Centeries into the future, the world is overpopulated and polluted and on the verge of collapse. The government's of the world are desperate and so make the painful decision to ban the birth of babies for 30 years. Brainwashing and robot substitutes are used to quell the yearning for children with the death penalty as the ultimate deterrent. Despite this, one couple have a baby.

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A poor Chinese laborer learns important lessons after his son gets a strange new toy.

The Killing Gene
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A series of deaths have started occurring in New York; Some are being found mutilated while others have an equation wÎ"z = Cov (w,z) = ßwzVz carved onto their skin. As police investigate they discover each victim was forced to choose between sacrificing their own life or a loved ones' life. Before long it becomes clear that this perpetrator has suffered just such a similar now is coping by seeking a way of solving this philosophical enigma, can Captain Maclean and his officers such as Eddie Argo and his new partner Helen Westcott stop this suspect, because he/she won't not until he/she gets to the end of this equation.

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