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quietearth [Celluloid 08.12.08] zombies movie news

Our friends over at Twitch caught wind of a new nazi zombie flick called Dod Sno (Dead Snow), and while details are slim we do know this is following in the footsteps of Outpost, Stone's War, and the (hopefully) soon to be Worst Case Scenario among others. Looks like it's skedded for a January 9th, 2009 release. There's 3 posters after the break but that's all for now.

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Buljo (14 years ago) Reply

Some cool pics from the set of this movie can be found here:


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Cool behind the scenes pics. This looks like it could be alright.


O.G.N (14 years ago) Reply

In Norway dates are commonly given in the format dd/mm - yy. So 09|01|09 would be January 9th, not September 1st.


TrondwIsaksen (13 years ago) Reply

Look like shit! And the zombie looks bold and nothing more! I dont like the story. Sounds like the script and story is a remake of every old trashi zombie flicks. Only thing thats different is that they made it in a cold plase. Pleace make a good horror movie with somthing new in it!

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