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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.13.08] movie news book comic

Ever since the very first teaser for The Spirit dropped we had this nagging feeling that there was something not quite right about it. Even though its semi B&W visuals were unquestionably nifty (if a little played out) and the trailer came packed with beautiful women, there remained doubts as to where the tone of the film was invariably heading. Well now we know, and it's not pretty people. The clip you are about to witness is one of the most wince inducing attempts at humor I've seen in a long time. Is it made worse by the fact that we weren't expecting Frank Miller to turn it into an SNL skit? Not sure, but you can see why people are beginning to call the film "Sin Shitty." Check it the leaked clip after the break. We're curious to hear what you all think.

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

leaked clip is leaked
as in, not for long on youtube
like now
here's one though


agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

Cool, thanks.


G.H. (14 years ago) Reply

That one is gone now as well.
Oh Well.

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