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quietearth [Celluloid 08.15.08] post apocalyptic

I do love it when people contact us with their new material, especially with things like this. Made by Atomic Production's in France, The Third Garden is an upcoming short which they've just finished shooting a teaser for, and even bigger it's shot with the new Red One camera that Soderbergh just shot his 2 part flick Che with. The concept art and pictures look fantastic, and as you'll see it has a heavy scifi element. "In the XXVIth century, climate change and deforestation have transformed most parts of the globe into desert. Migration in climate have resulted in wars that have separated the population. The most technologically advanced took refuge in underground artificial habitats. Among those who remained on the surface, only a few have survived. The village of Kandarie, who made the prophecy of the return of water and a new garden was built in caves to survive the arid desert. Cities have been uninhabited for a long time because of acid rain which was poisoned by toxic substances. Nilak, however, regularly leaves his village to go and seek various parts it uses to manufacture tools, jewelries and toys for village life. Fahra, his sister, dreams of seeing the city. One day, she follows Nilak in the desert. On their arrival in town, they will be a meeting in which they did not expect." We have a short concept video, some concept art, and plenty of stills from the teaser after the break! We'll have more for you soon.

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

The wikipedia entry for this is a little sparse! Can anyone flesh it out?


Ulrik (13 years ago) Reply

The armor reminds me of Jin-Roh meets Planet of the Apes...


drlaza (13 years ago) Reply

the 3rd picture from below reminds me the random encounters of fallout2. Raiders fending off an Enclave patrol. :) but sadly, there were no encounters like this


Kim (10 years ago) Reply

I NEED to watch this. I can't find it anywhere. Someone help?


Atomic production (10 years ago) Reply

It's only the teaser, the short never can shot.


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