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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 08.19.08] Tuvalu news scifi video thriller

AMC's official production blog for The Prisoner, starring Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel, launched back at the end of June but, besides some posts giving background on the original show, not much was being revealed. Now that shooting has officially begun in Africa however, the blog has come alive with stories of wind storms and behind the scenes videos; the first of which is embedded after the break. In it, director Jon Jones, McKellen, and Caviezel discuss first readings and how the show is gonna blow modern audiences away, while still remaining true to the original. Hopefully the next video includes a Q&A with writer Bill Gallagher so we can get more of a perspective on exactly what's gone into this amazing sounding re-imagining.

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Caleb Holyfield (14 years ago) Reply

I am excited about seeing this show. I am a Jim Caviezel fan. I thought that he was great in my favorite movie: High Crimes. I am in the process of writing a movie myself and would like him to play the main character. It's a thriller. I just need a producer. I am only 18.

Caleb Holyfield


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I was fascinated by the original Prisoner, and am disappointed that there will be only six episodes this time!

Peter Duffey

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