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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.22.08] movie news dvd

Well, I guess the bubble has official burst and any fantasies I had about witnessing Howard McCain's vikings vs. aliens flick Outlander on the big screen have been squashed. Despite pleas by impassioned fans everywhere, Outlander will be dumped on DVD on November 18th. The boys and girls at DC tracked the news down from Movies Unlimited who are usually in the know about these types of things. Sure enough, you can pre-order it from amazon as well. I've only read a smattering of early reviews but besides one that was a little bit hard on the logic of the flick, most have been extremely positive. Oh well, at least we'll all get to see it sooner than later-- and probably with a commentary.

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Avery (12 years ago) Reply

This makes me sick to my stomach!! Why would they have put all those years, blood, sweat, hard work, devotion, and tears not to mention a hefty wad of dollars, into this production if they were just going to turn around and treat it like just another 'Sci-Fi Original'??!! This kind of film deserves to be experienced on the big screen, but I guess we'll never get that opportunity now huh??


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Amen Avery! That's exactly how I feel. Howard McCain must be thinking the same thing.


AD (12 years ago) Reply

TWC is contractually obligated to a theatrical release for Outlander. That doesn't mean they still won't dump it but at least it will get played on two screens in the US.


Thomas h (11 years ago) Reply

DVD is 4 sale at blockbuster 11-18-08 pre-order
$5.00 down ,$17.99

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