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quietearth [Celluloid 08.22.08] movie news action comedy

We've been following Pieter Van Hees since finding out about the fantastic looking Belgian horror film he directed called Linkeroever (Left Bank) which by the way, is playing at the upcoming Fantastic Fest and yes, I should be getting a screener soon. Anyways, when I inquired when a trailer would be available for Dirty Mind, I figured it was about time to put up a piece on it, especially since there's now some nice stills showcasing the beautiful photography which is signature to Hees films, as well as the rest of his crew of Belgian filmmakers. "Shy loser Diego wakes up after an accident and has been transformed into Tony T. a smooth-talking no-holds-barred stuntman. Suffering from a case of Frontal Syndrome he's the perfect case-study for young neurologist Jaana. Everyone hopes that Diego will soon recover, accept for Diego himself." We should have a trailer in a couple of months, but until then, enjoy the stills after the break.

See the rest of the stills here

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