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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 08.27.08] movie trailer news horror

Awe yeah baby. Our good pal, and fellow film fanatic, Adam Lopez, aka. organizer of the world famous Toronto After Dark Film Fest (TAD to its friends), has just announced the first round of titles for this year's event. So far the titles represent a perfect mix of award wining international faves and outright over-the-top cult crazies; and I for one am loving it. First on the menu is Repo! The Genetic Opera, Darren Lynn Bousman's zany scifi horror musical hybrid. It might be the only film that stars Paris Hilton that I'd venture to see. Next on the line-up is everyone's favorite gorefest, Tokyo Gore Police. Then there's the celebrated, Tribeca winning Vampire flick Let the Right One In which Cyberhal reviewed and loved. Then they've got revenge thriller Red starring Brian Cox. Animation is also getting some love this year with Bill Plympton's amazing Idiots & Angels taking center stage. Ernesto Espinoza's Chilean superhero Mirageman is making its Toronto debut along with Steven Goldmann's fan favorite Trailer Park of Terror. And let's not forget one of QE's picks, Who is KK Downey? So far, this year at TAD looks to be a stunner. This is great first announcement.

You can find more gory goodies at the official TAD site

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Marina (13 years ago) Reply

Thank god someone else is actually excited about Repo! It seems to appeal to all my trashy senses!

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