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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.28.08] movie news horror

I read some very odd news this morning from Variety that I thought I's share with all you horror buffs out there. It seems that Rogue pictures wants to turn their mega-grossing hit The Strangers into, not just a sequel, but a full on franchise like Saw or Scream. Helmer Bryan Bertino is confirmed as spilling ink on one at least one more terrorizing installment, upon which I'm sure the potential for a franchise rests (no pressure eh?). But that's not all I've got for you this morning. Oh no my friends, Variety is also reporting that Liv Tyler is back in the starring role which, well without spoiling anything for you guys waiting for the DVD, just doesn't make a lot of sense. Is this a prequel perhaps? A revenge flick? A reporting mistake? Only time will tell I guess, but for now I remain skeptical yet intrigued. And besides, Rogue should be working on my Doomsday franchise anyway. Do any of you guys see The Strangers as a potential franchise?

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Dan (13 years ago) Reply

They shouldn't. It was not a good movie.

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