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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.29.08] post apocalyptic movie news scifi action

Like many of you, my initial opinion of the Voltron project was that it was just a quick and easy cash in on the financial success and resounding fanboy acceptance of Transformers. But then I heard about writer Justin Marks' plan to turn the flick into a post-apocalyptic actioner and I was all turned around on the matter. Now I can't wait for this robotic beast to crash into cinemas, and based upon the speed at which the project is now moving, I'm thinking neither can Relativity (who bought the property from 20th Century Fox). The latest, from Latino Review, is that Max Makowski, director of the up and coming Shinobi and Hawaii 5-0 (I kid you not) has been hired on to direct the giant robot flick. Even though Max Makowski is a reletive unknown whose genre licks haven't truly been tested yet, I hear rumblings that some of his early films show a keen visual eye, which makes sense after the news that Voltron will be made 300 style with lots of Green Screen work. What do you think? Glad the ball's finally rolling on this one? Or are you done with toyetic 80s retreads?

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