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quietearth [Celluloid 08.31.08] post apocalyptic movie news

It seems we've run out of titles for post apocalyptic films so they're now being recycled (see the 1985 film), but no matter. While I'm no fan of Mad Max ripoffs, I know many of you are, and while I sometimes get complaints I'm diverting Quiet Earth from our primary purpose, that of post apocalyptic film, I can assure you we'll still post every little PA film we can find. Here's what director Len Kabasinski had to say about his film in an interview: "Hot chicks, cars, big guns, mutated humans, martial arts, motorcycles, Darian Caine, Debbie D, Pamela Sutch, Blue involves survivors of WWIII trying to make it to the last city in America. problem is there is no vacancy and the new dictator of the city doesn't want new comers so her team of mercs go into the wastelands and hunt survivors. Lot's of action." That's all we have for now folks, more as it comes. And where's the armor plating?!

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wa5 (12 years ago) Reply

And its got a Mopar in it.... cool.


mm2000 (12 years ago) Reply

This movie looks pretty bad ass the more I look into it, actually. The chicks are pretty hot, and there are some new faces we haven't seen in KillerWolf's other films. We'll see how they do, but I'm pretty excited to see this one.


saint2 (12 years ago) Reply

Darian Caine is hot. Amara Arielle Offhaus is pretty hot, too, from the pictures I've seen. Do we get to see them naked in this one?


killerwolf films (12 years ago) Reply

Darian Caine naked----yes (full)
Pamela Sutch naked----yes (her first full nude scene)
Amara Offhaus naked---yes (full)
Debbie D naked---yes (full)

this film is in post-production now and will be completed in late Winter/early spring 2009. We'll be sending out screeners at that point and hoping to get a DVD release by the end of 2009. Thanks for supporting KillerWolf Films everyone, i am hoping the new film doesnt dissapoint you guys! it is the "biggest" KillerWolf Filsm movie yet!!!!


horrorfanman (11 years ago) Reply

Just watched the trailer...honestly, really can't wait for it. It seems to really throw back to the old mad-max kinda stuff.

And even if it sucks, the girls are hot.


jim (11 years ago) Reply

when is this coming out?


KillerWolf Films (11 years ago) Reply

this film is about to sign a distribution deal within a week or two. hopefully we'll see it to DVD by the end of this year.....


saint2 (9 years ago) Reply

Ok so I finally got to watch this. My girl Darian was hot as always, so that made it pretty worth it, but this movie left some to be desired. The special effects sucked, the acting was ok by some people and awful by others. Spring was way too old to be considred sexy if you have weird lines around your mouth from age I really don't want to see you naked. The girl with the multi colored hair was hot and amazing with her martial arts stuff but she couldn't really act. I liked Vick, she was hot and had a couple of moments where I went hey this chick can actually act but still the writing was so bad even she couldnt make it look good. SO in closing, if youre going to watch this movie to support the sexy Darian please do, but make sure you get a really good buzz on or get some really good weed and get prepared to laugh, because the only way to watch this movie is if you pretend its a comedy. Killerwolf films, I will never watch another one. Sorry.

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