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Christopher Webster [DVD News 09.03.08] movie news dvd

Call him what you want; an artist, a genius, a visionary, a loon, or just a guy that looks a lot like Rasputin, but whatever you call Alan Moore these days you better include the words "influential" and "hot Hollywood property." For me though, the man, his personal work, and his thoughts far outweigh the films that have been made out of his work (though I admit to really liking V For Vendetta). Alan Moore is also extremely hard to get in front of a microphone and even harder to get on camera. He doesn't care about fame and couldn't be arsed to followed the news of how films of his work do at the box office which is why this DVD is actually on my radar. Somehow though, director DeZ Vylenz and The Disinformation Company got Moore to sit down to a 2 hour interview around which they made the documentary in question. Of course it also features sit downs with colleagues and collaborators like Dave Gibbons and David Lloyd. For a taste of the awesomeness check out the trailer after the break, it's there along with some specs for the 2-disc set and a link to find it on Amazon. It streets on September 30th.

DVD Specs
* Interviews with Melinda Gebbie (“Lost Girls”), Dave Gibbons (“Watchmen”), David Lloyd (“V For Vendetta”), Kevin O’Neill (“League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”) and Jose Villarubia (“Promethia” and “Mirror of Love”)
* “Making of” featurette
* Introduction to Alan Moore’s work by Paul Gravett
* Selected scene analysis with director’s commentary
* Interviews with director, composer and special make-up FX artist

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Mike White (14 years ago) Reply

Saw this a few months ago. It's fairly entertaining though it really gets bogged down when Moore starts babbling about magic. It may make a lot of sense to him, but doesn't make a whit to me. :)

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