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Christopher Webster [DVD News 09.03.08] post apocalyptic movie news dvd

A story that appeared a few days back about the November release of an extended cut of Kevin Costner's costly post-apocalyptic flop, Waterworld, seems to have spurred some lively debate around these parts. So in a quest to both keep the peace and settle the score, I thought perhaps it was time to do some digging and figure out exactly where this extended cut has been shown, and what kind of extra footage we can all expect on the dvd. The full story of the extended cut and a breakdown of the extra scenes are after the break.

Probably the biggest part of the Waterworld saga is that there's still some question as to who was actually in charge of the film. Director Kevin Reynolds and Kevin Cosnter (who some feel ended up being the true, though uncredited, director of the piece) famously didn't see eye to eye on the direction at times and in the end, Reynolds was actually made to cut the film by the 40 some minutes at the behest of Costner and Universal. So if you consider this 176 minute version a "director's cut", then there's no question that you should consider it Kevin Reynold's director's cut.

If you find yourself skimming the scenes below thinking; "hey, I kind of vaguely remember these scenes but yeah, they're not on the DVD....what gives?" then that's because you probably caught Waterwold on TV during it's ABC premiere which included about 40 more minutes of footage. Another, slightly more edited, version of Waterworld has aired a few times that has about 20-30 minutes of footage. As far as the 176 minute version, which is said to have even 5 more minutes of footage, as far as I can tell, it is not an "international" release of the film. I'v been told that the international release ran the same length as the domestic release.


* A Hydro Addict is trying to trade his hair for fresh Hydro. There are other people banging on the gates trying to get into the Atoll.

* After the Mariner's capture at the Atoll, the inhabitants of the Atoll examine his belongings. Among them, they find a Thighmaster, which they think is a torture device; a yo-yo, which they believe is an assassin's weapon used to strangle people; and a clarinet, which they think is used as a spy's listening device. This is also where the Atoll decides to dump the Mariner into the Recycling Pit.

* A scene that explains where exactly the Mariner got the jet-ski he uses to reach the Deacon's ship to rescue Enola. The survivors of the Atoll massacre are ambushed by two of the Deacon's men on jet-skis; the Mariner kills both men, and takes their weapons and one of the jet-ski craft.

* A scene that shows how Gregor managed to find Helen and the Mariner after their boat was burned down.

* At least 10 minutes worth of new scenes that further detail life aboard the Deacon's ship, including how they obtain their cigarettes and other equipment.

* A scene that reveals that the two skeletons found in the shack near the end of the movie are indeed the girl's parents, instead of just letting the audience guess it.

* Scenes that show the Mariner building the new boat he uses to leave the island at the end of the movie.

* The Mariner is also given a name by Helen.

* We see Helen and Enola standing atop the cliff watching the Mariner depart before the film's end credits. As they are standing there, they uncover a plaque which tells us that they are at the peak of Mount Everest.

Thanks to the boys at PAUK and the genius that is imdb for the info.

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G.H. (13 years ago) Reply

I was hoping for more scenes with the giant fucking fish monster. Oh well.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

My favorite is the one with the thymaster, "some sort of a torturing device!"

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