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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.04.08] post apocalyptic movie video

The Happening may have been limper than a zombie love muscle at the box office but I can't help but wonder, was Shyamalan onto something when he came up with the whole concept behind his apocalyptic thriller? While some people hated the reason behind the mysterious plague that was inflicting mankind in the film, I was actually sort of interested whether the phenomenon (which I'm not spelling out here because I don't want to spoil it for those of you still waiting for the DVD) had any scientific backing. Seems that science has actually found some corroborating evidence and there's a small video worth watching after the break if you've seen the film and want to know more. But be warned, thar be spoilers ahead. Also, feel free to vent your Happening frustrations in the comments below.

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kevin (13 years ago) Reply

I probably liked The Happening more than most (I'm inclined to like anything Zooey Deschanel-related), but the whole idea that plants could suddenly start conspiring against us all at once was a bit silly. Evolution only happens when one mutation equips a species to survive better than something without that mutation. It's not as if we're in mortal combat with trees and only killing off the "friendly" ones.

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