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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.04.08] movie trailer news horror

Big up to friend and filmmaker Eric Bilodeau for alerting us to this first trailer for The Wolfman starring Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Anthony Hopkins. I haven't really been excited enough about the project to follow it thus far but I have to say I like this old school Hammer-esque trailer. The only thing missing is a Vincent Price voice over. I think setting the film at the turn of century (or whenever it is) adds to the power of the mythology and parts of the trailer kind of remind me of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. You'll find it after the break.

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Amiga (14 years ago) Reply

for more info about The Wolf Man or about Benicio Del Toro visit


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

You bet your ass! THis gonna be great!


Jeff (14 years ago) Reply

Oh Yeah....Patience !! I'll wait for this one, "Buckshot could'nt kill it"...


apefury (13 years ago) Reply

It strikes like Bram Stoker's Dracula in some shots, especially with Sir Hopkins cast.

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