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quietearth [Celluloid 09.09.08] movie news drama

I'm guessing with the few seconds we have added here and at the current release rate, maybe by next year we'll have a full trailer. We do however have some good news, a synopsis! "Satoshi Tsumabuki plays an ER doctor named Tsuyoshi Matsuoka who receives a patient with a virus unlike anything he's seen before. [The patient's] symptoms include high fever, convulsions, vomiting of blood, and multiple organ failure. Could this be a new form of influenza or is it some other variety of virus? As the situation worsens and more cases begin arriving a medical officer from the World Health Organization named Eiko Kobayashi (Rei Dan) is dispatched to the area. At the rate the virus is spreading the entire city's transportation system and infrastructure would be brought to a halt within 3 months. Within 6 months it could spread to tens of millions of people - reaching a death toll far worse than any war. Can mankind put an end to this deadly pandemic?" Check out the new footage after the break. Thanks to The Gomorrahizer for the heads up.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

looks interesting; however, thou I cudnt understand a word the story/plot seems pretty generic.

but some really nice cinematography goin on.


nicole (11 years ago) Reply

i had seen its production here in the Philippines, to be specific, right here in Silay City (@ the old hospital; the shot with the clinging patients/zombies/Ocean Red Abandond Building)...
actually, I've been with the production staff and of course with the main actor himself: Satoshi Tsumabuki!

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