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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.09.08] post apocalyptic movie news poster

A new poster for the somewhat absurd but nontheless entertaining The Sarah Connor Chronicles was released yesterday and I can't help but notice a certain pattern emerging in their marketing strategy. Of course I'm not really complaining here, but its pretty obvious that team Fox seems to think that the only way to get viewers to watch the show is to subject actress Summer Glau and the rest of the SC cast to gratuitous butt poses for one sheets. Even molten metal woman (another T1000), played by Garbage singer Shirley Manson, isn't safe. I can just picture the marketing team sitting around a table trying to come up with ways to make a molten metal woman sexy. "Eureka! butt shot! Why didn't we think of this before?... oh wait, we did." Don't believe me? There are a couple more new posters that prove my point after the break.

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Weylan (13 years ago) Reply

Who cares about the series I would have Summer Glau just shaking her booty for 2 hours Id be one happy dude


S (13 years ago) Reply

The first season started awful but then I rather liked the later half of the first season.
Just don't mistake it for having anything to do with the movie franchise - those bridges are long burnt and even concidering it is painful.
But there's too few killer-cyborg-from-the-future technophobia tv series out there, so i can't just abandon it by principle.
Unfortunately the second season premiere is just as bad as the first season's first few episodes.
I really hope they get it together.. there's still fun to be had.

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