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quietearth [Celluloid 09.11.08] post apocalyptic movie news horror

We're all itching for the continuation of this series, preferably written and helmed by Boyle himself, and that's just what he talked to MTV about. “There’s a bit of discussion going on about it at the moment. I have an idea for it [but] I’ve got to present it and see what people think really because it might be silly really,” said Danny-boy. He won't give up any further details, including but not limited to, title, location, storyline, or director. I vote for setting it in NY so I can get rid of this bad taste called I am Legend.

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zenseeker (13 years ago) Reply

NO! No American settings! We have a distinctly British horror franchise here that should not be hijacked by America. At the very least it should be set in Europe, preferably France or Germany.


bad dog (13 years ago) Reply

Why do you hate I am Legend so much? I agree it overall felt pretty flat, and the ending was a dud (the dvd alternate ending was more promising but not that hot either), but visually it was awesome, the creatures were great, and it was a PA film with a real budget, showing our little subgenre is getting more respect. I came way neither loving nor hating it. In fact to me that was its biggest problem, its complete inability to produce any kind of a lasting impact on me.


quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

I was raised by wolves and when a mountain family found me in my teens (I'm not sure what age) and took me in, I learned to read from I am Legend, it was the only book I had, so I know it backwards and forwards.. and this film was just a mockery.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

uhm, i think its great in Russia,
And im american,
theres alot more of us then there is you.
so dont talk shit.
you should have nothing against us if we have done nothing to you.

seriously, thanks alot.

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