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quietearth [Celluloid 09.12.08] movie news drama

Yeah I know, good title. Once again I have to readily admit I'm a sucker for weird indy romance films and I've been clocking this one since it's premier at Sundance. Luckily, the trailer just dropped so all can enjoy. "The story is about a troubled, reclusive young woman and the persistent video clerk who draws her out of her claustrophobic world by starting up a unique courtship with her. As they become closer, her sexual antipathy is met with his unflinching optimism, until finally her aggressive defenses overwhelm them both and the relationship bursts apart. Profoundly affected by his presence in her life, she finds that she has the courage to face her past." It's a red band trailer but that's for language, but you'll have to go to the official website to see it.

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