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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.15.08] movie news video fantasy

From the looks of it, Terry Gilliam's highly anticipated The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus will mark somewhat of a return to form for the director and be an epic fantasy adventure to rival the likes of Baron Munchaussen, Time Bandits or, dare I hope, Brazil even. This first look behind the scenes features Gilliam discussing why Parnassus might be "the best thing [he's] done," as well as some jaw dropping concept art and a pre-viz FX footage. After Lost in La Mancha fell through, The Brother's Grimm bombed, and Tideland went by criminally underseen, I sincerely hope that Dr. Parnassus can bring Gilliam back to where he belongs; the forefront of modern and innovative cinema... no pressure.

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S (13 years ago) Reply

To me, Tideland proved (again) why he is one of the greatest film-makers of our time, but also that the world will never appreciate him for it, until perhaps decades later.

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