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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.16.08] post apocalyptic movie news

I just realized that this title kind of makes it sound like Osamu Tezuka is directing this himself, when in fact it's TV director Hitoshi Iwamoto who'll be adapting the work of the famous Astro Boy creator. News of the apocalyptic MW has been on the DL for quite a while. We know its in post-production but nothing much else has been revealed for a while. Luckily our buds over at 24fps have been following the film as well and have dug up a newly launched official website and synopsis for the film (although I suppose if you're a fan of the Manga this is based on you don't really need a synopsis). MW tells the story of a secret U.S chemical weapon called "MW" which accidentally leaks and wipes out the population of a southern Japanese island. Michio Yuuki survives the accident - though he emerges from the ordeal without a trace of conscience, to become a cold blooded and psychotic killer. His one true goal, to spread MW around the world. No teaser or footage yet but now that the website's up we'll be keeping an eye on it for you.

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