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Recently screened at TIFF, and a winner at the Moscow International Film Fest, Javor Gardev's neo-noir flick Zift looks fantastic, not that I've had a chance to see it yet, but our boy John Allison has. In doing a little research on a film called Zincograph, I discovered Gardev is behind this as well as one other film in development which sound like great genre fare. Javor calls Zincograph a "political psycho-thriller." In his own words: "The premise is simple -- what would happen if a maniacal former agent of the communist secret police takes a proactive approach, starts to "recruit" unsuspecting people to spy on each other and thus develops his own network of informants, strictly private and invisible for the institutions? This is a farcically sinister story driven by the workings of the mind of a former agent turned psychopathic schemer, who pulls a roguish act on the entire political system that has rejected him. The next project he has in the works is simply called Neon which he calls a "tragicomic dystopian adventure." "The story takes us into the far future of Neo Thrace -- a fictional country created on the Balkans in the aftermath of the Grand Atomic Anomaly. Like in a crooked mirror, the country of Neo-Thrace reflects the totalitarian past and the present state of affairs in the Balkan region." Gardev is currently looking for co-producers on both projects, which in my opinion, sound fantastic, so someone help him out! In case you missed Zift, you can check out the trailer after the break.

via Indie Wire

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