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quietearth [Celluloid 09.20.08] post apocalyptic scifi animation

We reported on this so long ago I almost forgot about it. It's been sitting on the left bar under Upcoming Movies for some time now, and finally, the full short is available online to go with that incredible little teaser. Twitch got the heads up on it, and I'm glad it's available for all now since I've seen it but was unable to share! "Facing the contamination of their cities and dwellings on shore by a deadly virus, the remainder of humankind flees across the oceans towards uninhabited parts of the globe. Occupying huge oil tankers, they search for a land free from plague. Their leader, a man obsessed with the desire to rescue the remaining population gathers healthy humans within the decks of the ships. Unfortunately, having been infected by the fatal virus, he is oblivious to its true nature. They depart on a long, desperate journey into the unknown. Their aim, an unknown land... a new earth."

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RUSS (13 years ago) Reply

That was really cool. The main guy looked kinda like Leonard Nimoy.

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