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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.21.08] movie news comic

Maybe this makes me a snob and maybe it doesn't, but I never cared about Seth Rogen's Green Hornet project until I read in the Hollywood Reporter today that Stephen Chow will he directing it. There were rumors that the director of the monster hits Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer would be playing Kato and, while that helped, I was still unfazed by the news - But this changes everything. Chow's Kung-Fu Bugs Bunny style might just turn this third rate superhero flick into something special. Here's what some of the suits behind the scenes had to say about Chow's involvement; "When Seth, Evan and Neal said they wanted Stephen Chow to be part of 'The Green Hornet,' it was a fantasy." "The material is a perfect match for his sensibilities -- Stephen in the director's chair is the best thing for the film." "Stephen's been an important part of the Sony family for many years, so it's truly serendipitous for us to be moving forward with him directing the movie and starring as Kato." What do you guys think? Is The Green Hornet a good project for Chow to be making his American debut with? Or should he stick with developing his own projects as a writer/director/actor?

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Kent Allard (11 years ago) Reply

I would imagine that this will be a dream job for Stephen Chow. He's often expressed his admiration for Bruce Lee and now he get's to step in and not only play the character that Bruce Lee made famous, but direct the film as well.

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