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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.24.08] movie news video comic

I've already commented that I think Max Payne is taking the lead in terms of being one of the most visually striking films coming down the line, and this new featurette that IGN is hosting, called "The Beginning," only hits this point home. It's just such an cool blend of dark fantasy and neo-noir that I have no choice to fall for it. Also, and never mind the fact that it's based on a video game, I find I'm becoming more and more swayed by the intriguing storyline as well. You'll find the featurette after the break.

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slang (12 years ago) Reply

@the people who never played the games
This is a mix/mash up kind of thing. They basically fused the comic book style narrative of the games with footage from the film.
Whoever did this is a freaking genius. This is pobably the most true to the game (literally) video game adaptation I've ever seen until now.
Very promising.


dsrfddsfsdher1 (12 years ago) Reply

this featurette is definitely the best thing I've seen about this movie so far. it remains true to the style of the game(s), in the cinematic sense and its comic-esque editing style. however, the story/plot was played around with so much that it hurts a true fan of the game(s). i guess they made the best of it though, looks fairly enjoyable.

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