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quietearth [Celluloid 09.25.08] movie news

Apparently it was a busy day yesterday for big budget genre film. First off, one of my most hated films of the year I Am Legend is confirmed to get a prequel, including Will Smith. We reported a rumor about this back in August and I wasn't any more excited then, especially with Francis Lawrence returning to direct. They're also switching writers to D.B. Weiss which is all but untested at this point. "The prequel will chronicle the final days of humanity in New York before a man-made virus caused a plague that left Smith’s character the lone survivor among a mutated mob in the city." Now on to some better news. Cloverfield director Matt Reeves will be doing the American remake of the Swedish vampire hit Let The Right One In (review) which is about a boy who befriends his vampire neighbor. While Reeves may have directed Felicity, I was pleasantly surprised with how good Cloverfield was, so this might work.

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Kurt (13 years ago) Reply

Put me firmly into the I HATE I AM LEGEND camp. Ouch did that movie misfire after about the 1/3 mark. Yie.


benway (13 years ago) Reply

poster looks familiar


Dan (13 years ago) Reply

1. Very excited about the I Am Legend prequel. Really loved that movie.

2. Very NOT excited about a Let the Right One In remake. How can I be, I haven't even been able to see the damn original yet. Christ...


BarbarPappa (13 years ago) Reply

'Let the right one in' hasn't even premiered here in Sweden yet. :S

I haven't been this annoyed at a remake-announcement since they announced a remake for [REC] which hadn't premiered in Spain at the time either.

What the hell Hollywood?

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