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quietearth [Celluloid 09.27.08] movie news horror

I don't know much about this one except that it screened at Cannes, and it's got quite the visual flair despite it's obviously low budget leanings. "Summer 1973. Maurice Chienhmord comes back from the army, happy to get back to Marie-Jeanne and to that hippie squats that feels like peace. His rest will not be long: Max, a torturing goul, obeying to The Prince, forces him to enrol to the Fellowship. Maurice then becomes Dead Dog; he's out for 30 years of crappy tasks, both hands deep into bodies let behind by the bloodthirsties,... and Max's always watching him. However Dead Dog looks like a looser, he knows that one day, a drop of blood is going to make the calice spill..." Check out the trailer after the break.

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trogen (11 years ago) Reply

cool looking trailer, didnt get a word of it though!

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