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It's almost that time again, and this week we have one of our personal favorites here at QE dropping. It's The Vanguard and you've probably seen our interview with writer/director Matthew Hope and our review, and we can't recommend this one enough. It's post apocalyptic, well shot, and has a great little storyline. Next is another PA flick, Pulse 2, which doesn't actually look very good, but regardless, it'll still be watched. Then we have Chapter 27, the Jared Leto starrer about the killing of John Lennon. I know agentorange is looking forward too this one, The Mindscape of Alan Moore. Lastly, a group of UK teens deals with a crazy drifter in Summer Scars. Trailers, synopsis, and amazon links after the break.

The Vanguard
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The year is 2015. The last known oil fields have been lost to global war. Overpopulation and famine have plunged our planet into chaos. But deep in the wilderness, one desperate survivor now finds himself hunted by corporate kill squads, sought by the Resistance, and pursued by hordes of rage-crazed zombies. In a world ruled by murder, madness and cannibalistic carnage, will humanity’s last hope be measured in bloodshed?

Pulse 2: Afterlife
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Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Gallactica) stars in this terrifying sequel that picks up where the original Pulse left off. The dead have found a way back to our world - through cell phones and WiFi - and the human survivors have taken to remote areas to escape. When a young girl goes missing, her father must return to the city to battle her mother's vengeful ghost, along with a host of other horrifying ghouls. Intense, suspenseful, and terrifying, Pulse 2 will frighten you straight through to its shocking ending.

Chapter 27
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On a raw, cold evening in early December, 1980, Mark David Chapman (Jared Leto), a disturbed drifter from Hawaii, met ex-Beatle John Lennon. Moments later, the entire world was shocked senseless. Based on chilling true events, Jared Leto is unforgettable in his mental and physical portrayal of an unhinged and angry man whose descent into madness led him to commit one of the most infamous crimes of the 20th century. It is a psychological portrait like no other that will leave you stunned long after its nerve-shattering and tragic conclusion.

The Mindscape of Alan Moore
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Alan Moore writer, artist and performer is the world's most critically acclaimed and widely admired creator of comic books and graphic novels. In The Mindscape of Alan Moore we see a portrait of the artist as contemporary shaman, someone with the power to transform consciousness by means of manipulating language, symbols and images. The film leads the audience through Moore's world with the writer himself as guide, beginning with his childhood background, following the evolution of his career as he transformed the comics medium, through to his immersion in a magical worldview where science, spirituality and society are part of the same universe.

Summer Scars
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A group of teens are faced with a life-changing experience when they meet a deranged drifter.

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