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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.29.08] movie news cyberpunk scifi

Well, that's what /Film is reporting anyway. The gang apparently got an email from a regular reader who had just been in attendance at a Creative Screenwriting Q&A session with Eagle Eye co-scribes Travis Wright and John Glenn. The email states that Wright revealed to the crowd that the two had been working on sequel treatments for sometime and that Bud Yorkin (who was one of the original executive producers on Blade Runner) was even involved. He also claimed to have already been working with studio pre-viz teams! The obvious question of course is; is there a Ridley Scott connection? Well, even though there's been no report of Ridley's involvement, or even interest, in a sequel to Blade Runnner, Wright and Penn were at one point hired to write a remake of The Warriors for his brother Tony Scott so, as /Film notes, the connection might be there under the surface. My thoughts on the sequel? Well if you cornered me and made me tell you what my favorite film was (a question a hate more than anything) there's a really good chance I'd say Blade Runner for far too many reasons to get into now. Even so, my position on this rumor is still pensive. I've always felt that the Blade Runner Universe was more than interesting enough to revisit, but that the story would really have to be something special. What do you guys think?

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DD (12 years ago) Reply

Are they mad, this can be only totally fucked up, still there's a glitch of possibility that it could be good but that's like 5%


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! why can't they just stop raping films from my childhood? Lucas is the worst! and Spielberg is starting to kill all my favorite old Anime. Just leave the original films how they were.


S (12 years ago) Reply

There's absolutely no way they can live up to the expectations of a SEQUEL - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't revisit the UNIVERSE.
Like the total recall tv series was pretty much a merger of total recall and blade runner universes, despite it's glaring flaws and stupid end it wasn't completely butchered by neither fanbases as it didn't claim to be a direct sequel.
Sure, make it a sequel with the appropriate themes, visuals and corporations and all, but DO NOT call it "blade runner 2" unless you're DAMN sure the film can live up to it!

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