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quietearth [Celluloid 09.30.08] movie news drama

What's really special about this film, besides the subject matter, is the fact that non-actors were cast in all the roles to tell a story which somewhat mimics lost middle class America, but in South London. "Nadine, a teenage girl who is a regular self-harmer, is subjected to a hostile mother, an abusive stepfather, a drug addicted boyfriend and crudge sexual violence from the locals. She lives on a desolate council estate surrounded by nature where she finds occasional solace. However, the profound weight of indifference, injustice and cruelty, proves too much for Nadine who's life enters a rapid downward spiral." We have the trailer which is really a clip after the break, along with some youtube footage of an interview with the director and some more clips from the film.

Nadine official website

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