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quietearth [Celluloid 10.02.08] movie news thriller

Reportedly budgeted at a final of $12m and currently in post-production after shooting in both New York and Tokyo, Rain Fall headlines Gary Oldman as a CIA agent in a Tokyo bureau who is up against the assassin John Rain played by Kippei Shiina. As I'm a big fan of Gary Oldman's work, I'm definitely looking forward to this. "Based on the best-selling novel by Barry Eisler, the film stars Japanese actor Kippei Shiina (Shinobi, Sakuran) as the assassin John Rain who is forced to protect the daughter of one of his own targets. Oldman plays the chief officer of the CIA Tokyo bureau, while Kyoko Hasegawa (Nanayo) plays the daughter." If you head over to the official website which is linked after the break, you can find a few production stills.

Rain Fall official website
via KFC Cinema (registration required)

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