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For those of you who might be getting a little tired of all my obsessive updates on AMC's The Prisoner, I only have this to say. It's a sickness okay. Like all the 30 year olds out there who are obsessed with the Transformers movies because they remind them of their childhood, I've latched onto this remake of The Prisoner in the hopes that it will take me back to a time when I fell in love with trippy scifi. Is that so wrong? Even though the production has only just begun AMC's official blog is pretty active with a few updates per week. For those of you interested, I've embedded a couple behind the scenes videos after the break. One is a conversation with the show's Costume Designer Jane Clive who discusses the importance of designing style as a way to increase the mystery behind "The Village." In the other, Jim Caviezel, who plays #6, gets sand in his hair. Videos after the break.

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1badmofo (12 years ago) Reply

Im 28 and i saw the original for the first time two years ago. It was an exceptional television show.I dont think this needs to be remade, especially not modernised in the way that other old concepts and movies have. Special effects are not needed to enhance the prisoner (although Rover could do with make over). This remake will never be as provocative, challenging or intriguing as the original series- They should leave it alone! You cant replace the actors and the almost poetic and lyrical dialogue between their characters. I will watch this but i must recomend "The Schizoid man" episode from the original series

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