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quietearth [Celluloid 10.06.08] movie news scifi action

It was previously reported Luc Besson was part of this project, but when asked he said "huh?". Now it's being reported that both Besson and Pierre Morel (Taken) are being considered to direct. Furthermore, there's a French partner, Ajoz Films which will be co-producing with China's Golden Globe Pictures and Korea's Odyssey Pictures. The Screen Daily article mentions they have a long standing partnership with Besson's Europacorp so maybe that's where the initial confusion came from, but regardless, I hope Besson directs. The story is loosely based on Too Gwang-soo's novel of the same title and the script will be co-written by both Korean and French writers. What's really interesting about this story is that it's set 20 years in the future and will be interwoven with the Xu Fu legend some 2,200 years ago. One of the court sorcerer's of China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang (who helped keep China unified) was sent to the eastern sea of China (which is now Japan) to find the secret for eternal youth. Reportedly, 30% of the film will be using CGI. I'm in!

via Screen Daily

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