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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.06.08] movie news cyberpunk scifi

Back in April we reported on a then unsubstantiated rumor that Sony was looking at bringing Dolph Lundgren and JCVD back from the celebrity dead and into another Universal Soldier movie. We promised an update whenever we had more info so here it is; for all you Universal Soldier buffs out there, everything you need to know about the film that's being called Universal Soldier III: A New Beginning. For one thing the film now has a director, Simon Fellows, whose last film was actually Until Death with JCVD, but who is also working on the much anticipated Malice in Wonderland with Maggie Grace. Unfortunately Lundgren and Van Damme are still only rumored to be attached but with Fellows on board and backing from Sony, I imagine its only a matter of time before they're reported as being attached. The film is currently skedded for a 2009 release date. Full synopsis after the break.

A crazed Chechen nationalist, BASAYEV, seizes control of Chernobyl, site of the infamous nuclear meltdown, and threatens to unleash a radioactive cloud unless his nationalist blackmail demands are met.

LUC DEVEREAUX (Jean-Claude Van Damme) joins a U.S. team of revived UniSoldiers secretly held in deep storage. Their mission: retake Chernobyl and disable explosives that will unleash the radioactive clouds. Luc is surprised when he finds one of the reactivated UniSoldiers is a clone of his old Sergeant, ANDREW SCOTT (Dolph Lundgren). But the cloned Andrew has no recollection of Luc.

As the team furiously battles its way into the Chernobyl plant, they are caught off guard. Using a mind-control chip, Baseyev turns Andrew against his own comrades. Now surrounded, wounded, and out-numbered, Luc must battle Andrew, and save the world

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Kevin (13 years ago) Reply


Simon Fellows did direct "7 Seconds" but that film starred Wesley Snipes. Also that film came before he directed two Van Damme films, "Second in Command" and "Until Death"


agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

Good eyes Kevin. I actually meant to write Until Death but flubbed it.

I'll fix accordingly.


Uni-Sol Waleed Van Damme (13 years ago) Reply

Wow! If Jean-Claude Van Damme & Dolph Lundgren are really going to team up again and make UNISOL 3. One more guy I would really like to see co-starring with them; Olivier Bisback (who co-starred in "J.C.V.D." and "Full Love")! A real fighting machine with muscles and great looking - just what the movie needs, specially after the disappointment of Universal Soldier: The Return [1999].

Bisback's official website(s): -

I really wish to see Olivier Bisback in Universal Soldier III: A New Beginning along w/ Van Damme & Lundgren.


vman11 (13 years ago) Reply

Would love this partnership to return to the BIG SCREEN but unfortunatly it'll probably not be marketed very well and be found on the bottom shelf of blockbuster somewhere!!! Which would be a jean claude van DAMME shame in my opinion.


Lee.... (13 years ago) Reply

OMG this is gonna be amazing! lol
that is all....


venezolano (13 years ago) Reply

La gente si habla paja asi como ellos ustedes tambien llegaran a viejos lo unico que saben es criticar y jamas esperan a que salga la pelicula y aunque sea buena o mala es una pelicula que vio luz e 1992 y ellos tienes dinero para invertir en los que les de la gana al contrario de los frustrados publicos que lo unico que hacen es llegar a un cine a criticar todo lo que sale entonces siendo asi escriban ustedes un guion y envielo a el asistente de van damme o de dolph para ver que opinan 3er mundistas pendejos

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