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quietearth [Celluloid 10.08.08] movie news horror

Let's start with a simple explanation: Goth is a novel of horror written by Otsu-ich about two high school students fascinated by murder. It's comprised of 6 short stories, and it's also been converted into a Manga. Now herein lies the coming battle. Fox Atomic has announced an adaptation to be done by JT Petty (The Burrowers) and according to this interview JT had this to say:

"Goth felt like a remarkably honest way to do a coming of age / teen romance picture, you cancel out all the maudlin and excessively cute dross that usually clogs those kind of movies with a good dose of sociopaths and serial killers. I've never known a teenage boy who wasn't at least a little bit of a sociopath."

As far as we know, Petty's version is still in development. Now on to the next: Japanese director Gen Takahashi is doing his own version and according to IMDB, it looks like it's already completed and Jolly Roger Inc. plans to release it theatrically in Japan in late December. The screenplay for Takahashi's Goth was written by Takahashi, Michio Kashiwada, Takashi Hotta, Midori Saitô, and Gram™. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to order on flyer) Kanata Hongô, Rin Takanashi, Toshinobu Matsuo, Miyu Yagyû, Sô Yamanaka, Minoru Torihada, Yûna Natsuo, Kei Nakata, and Keishi Nagatsuka. There is also an official website but it doesn't have much yet. You can check after the break for synopses for all 6 short stories from the book, and special thanks to The Gomorrahizer for the heads up.

* Goth (æš—é»’ç³», Ankokukei?, Dark Type) - Morino finds a diary written by a serial killer. It describes a third victim that has yet to be discovered, so she and the narrator go to look at it. Morino then begins dressing like the third victim, and a few days later, sends a text message to the narrator, which reads only, "Help."

* Wristcut (リストカット事件, Risukatto Jiken?, The Wristcut Incident) - Flashback to before Morino and the narrator were friends. After finding a doll with no hands in the science lab garbage can, the narrator breaks into the science teacher's house, convinced he has been the one cutting hands off people of all ages in the city. He then steals the teacher's hand collection, and plants evidence to suggest Morino was the one who stole them - because he wants Morino's hand, and the scar from when she cut her wrist.

* Dog (犬, Inu?, Dog) - The narrator investigates a series of dog kidnappings after his sister discovers a pit filled with their bodies. A young girl and her pet dog have been plotting to defend themselves against her mother's abusive boyfriend.

* Twins (記憶, Kioku?, Memories) - Morino has been having trouble sleeping, and is looking for a rope to put around her neck - the right rope will help her sleep. At the narrator's urging, she tells the story of how she and her twin sister, Yū, often pretended to be dead...until Yū accidentally hung herself.

* Grave (土, Tsuchi?, Soil) - Saeki spends all his free time gardening, digging holes to try and control his obsession with burying people alive. He's already given in once, and killed a young neighbor boy, drowning him in his coffin. Now he's snatched a high school girl off the street - according to her ID, her name is Yoru Morino.

* Voice (声, Koe?, Voice) - Natsumi's older sister was recently found chopped to pieces in an abandoned hospital. A few weeks later, a mysterious high school boy gives Natsumi a tape - a message from her sister, recorded just before she was murdered. If she wants the rest, she will have to come to the hospital, and allow him to murder her.

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