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quietearth [Celluloid 10.09.08] movie news drama

There are lots of great films coming out of Russia right now, and to name just a couple Inhabited Island and Mermaid which is Russia's entry for the foreign language oscar, so it's no surprise when I ran across this beautifully lensed ode to cool hipsters filled with freaks and drug addicts with all sorts of weird clothing. Too bad they didn't throw some scifi in, it would make a great cyberpunk flick. It's currently running the fest circuit, and we have a synopses below and 2 trailers after the break.

"Alisa leaves Moscow for St. Petersburg, hoping to escape her loneliness. But her quest for love and happiness, coupled with a dangerous, intense connection with her troubled neighbors, threatens to destroy everything she knows. Can she emerge from her own wrecked life and emerge as someone new? This tale of drugs, sex, crime and hipster cool in postcommunist Russia is set against one of the most eye-popping and innovative backdrops in contemporary cinema, the latest visually stunning effort from a Russian cinema in full renaissance."

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