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quietearth [Celluloid 10.11.08] movie news horror

Here's a teaser for a feature from Daniel de la Vega (Death Knows Your Name) which is currently in development. While info on this is still scarce, we do have a translation of the storyline below which is very rough.

"A ship stranded in the south of the world. A trip stopped at the gates of time. A single survivor opens his eyes in an old warehouse full of death. Hundreds of coffins surround it. Are hurt. And one of the coffins is empty. A mysterious woman lurking with intent to kill him and a group of rescue comes back to not being able to leave. The ship itself is a secret forgotten, now begins to sink. Or you find your true path ... declining and disappearing among the endless polar ice. All are trapped. The fate seems inevitable. While for some the lost cause of 1982 still stands, for others it is vital to escape. White turns red. White is black. Who can repeat the end of the world? Who will see The Eye of the Abyss?"

Vega also has another film in development we reported on earlier called Necrofobia. Let's hope he makes one soon. Special thanks to The Gomorrahizer for the heads up.

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