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quietearth [Celluloid 10.15.08] post apocalyptic movie news scifi

I've written about Freedom Deep in the past and I have to say, the original cut of this is one of my top 100 favorite films of all time. That's not to say this new final directors version isn't good, but it's different in the way it has some explanation for the storyline whereas the original didn't. The initial film wasn't completed, and the distributor released it as such, so director Aaron Stevenson and crew have been waiting years to finish this up, and finally the completed version will be released soon.

"It's the story of Liam which alternates from when he was a child to when he's an adult. As a child, he is misunderstood, but he dreams and he writes. As an adult after some apocalypse, he has completed a new Bible of sorts which must be delivered to the people."

The music is performed by Goya's Child and is nothing short of fantastic. Seriously, I've seen both the original and the new cuts and I HIGHLY recommend this film. We'll let you know when it's available. Trailer after the break.

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Brett Dods (13 years ago) Reply

I have seen the original version which is awesome. On of the most original films ever but virtually unknown. Can't wait for this new one!


Kate Emond (13 years ago) Reply

Brillant!! I love this movie and the soundtrack is amazing. I am so excited there is a new version, I have been looking for other people who know about this and my wait is finally over. I must see for those who haven't seen it yet.


Aaron Stevenson (13 years ago) Reply

Just letting all you Quiet Earther's know that the new version of FREEDOM DEEP is now available at


Aaron Stevenson


Mitch (12 years ago) Reply

It's virtually unknown for good reason: it fucking sucks. Seriously, this post is some kind of a joke, right? The only thing worse than the movie itself is the soundtrack. I refuse to believe that even someone with the worst taste in the world could actually enjoy that garbage.


jack kelly (12 years ago) Reply

wow i can't believe how original and different this film is, the music is amazing, it is just amazing, where is this band, i want to see them live, how can i get the soundtrack...just f#@*ing brilliant


john crimmins (12 years ago) Reply

found this film in a bargain bin at the local cash converters and bought it to check it out. it is confusing, the images are great the music is incredible like some tribal trippy kind of music with incredible drums and percussion and groovy and funk ridden bass....


Derek Thurgood (12 years ago) Reply

Just saw a copy of the new hollywood film book of eli, which is tragically a rip off and copy of the freedom deep film, and the film industry says its against copyright and infringement (Obviously its ok for them to do it) but not for anyone else, and shame on the australian film comission for failing to protect the rights of australian independent film makers......


Moby-Wan (12 years ago) Reply

The Book of Eli borrowing heavily from Freedom Deep debacle continues...

Here's the International release feature article:

Film International

Here's the Australian one:

Encore magazine


Mark Phillips (12 years ago) Reply

the only thing that really is terrible about this film is the cover versions of the nirvana stuff it is terrible the so called curt cobain singer sounds like someone has got hold of his nuts (if he has any)


john milthorpe (11 years ago) Reply

is there a soundtrack available for this film, great music


John Tripp (9 years ago) Reply

this movie sucks! this is one of the worst movies i've ever seen, makes no sense, what a load of crap, the script if there was one sucks big time. self indulgent garbage!

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