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quietearth [Celluloid 10.15.08] movie news drama

Oddly enough, writer/driector Stevan Filipovic plays a zombie extra in the upcoming Serbian zombie flick Zone of the Dead. This is his second feature as writer/director, and from the trailer, it looks pretty good.

"Skinning is a story of a young Belgrade high school math champ Novica who gets seduced into the world of skinheads by their charismatic leader Relja. Novica joins the gang of racist skinheads in an attempt to overcome the geek status in school but soon enough he is sucked into the world of racism, violence and hooliganism, the skinhead movement takes him over and eventually he starts climbing up the ladder in the skinhead hierarchy."

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Will this come out in the USA???


Serbian (11 years ago) Reply

As I see, it wont come out at all... cuz of violent scenes they say!


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

it'll come out in 2010
they said spring or autumn


Serb (10 years ago) Reply

This movie come in Serbia 8 Oct. 2010...i idk when come in USA...

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