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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.17.08] zombies movie news horror

Shot in beautiful 16mmm black and white and running a lengthy 72 minutes, Biophage looks like it puts a military spin on Night of the Living Dead and is supposed to be somewhat of a bona fide cult hit from newcomer Mark Rapp. The trailer we've found is of a pretty poor quality but until I can reach Rapp for a better version I'm afraid it'll have to do.

Sgt. Cain and Dr. Bell are struggling through a post-viral-outbreak America, trying to get back to their military home-base, Mt. Bethel. The landscape is almost devoid of human life, the former populous now virally transformed into Biophages, or 'phages. On their journey home, Cain and Bell are faced with nightmarish confrontations, testing their loyalty to one another and forcing them to reevaluate their ideas of what humanity really is.

From what little I've been able to dig up on the film it also sounds like Biophage is somewhat of an art flick, which uses the tropes of the buddy movie as much as the zombie genre to foster opposing dialogs of ethics and morality to get you thinking. Personally, I like my zombie movies with a side of mental stimulation so I must say I'm looking forward to one day tracking Biphage down and giving it a spin.

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