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quietearth [Celluloid 10.20.08] movie news thriller

Joko Anwar, the Indonesian auteur behind the incredible neo-noir Kala (which I'd highly recommend, even with the weird ending) has apparently written a script for newcomer and friend Mouly Surya which is based on the obsession of love which goes, well lets just say, too far.

"ALISHA never feels alive in her big cold house until she hears BARI’s whistling and introduces her to love. Alisha’s love brings her to a block of flats where she moves in to a room right beside a room where Bari lives with his long-time girlfriend, RENTA. Her old boring days now is filled with laughs, loves and fights she hears from next door. She tries any kinds of ways to get close to Bari; deceiving, manipulating then killing. This is the story about the dark side of love. Of an obsession. Of a dream."

The trailer is after the Break. via our friends at Twitch.

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