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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.22.08] movie trailer news comic

When Jack Snyder and the cast of Watchmen accepted an award for "most anticipated film" at Spike TV's Scream Awards last night, they surprised the audience with an extended cut of the first teaser that premiered a while back (I guess that would make it a trailer). Almost immediately the clip was on youtube and then every fanboy site on the planet. If somehow you missed it you can see it here and take a gander at the new poster that also emerged today on Yahoo.

Despite the legal confusion surrounding the film these days it would appear that we can count on a 03.06.09 release date. Good news I say.

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cyberhal (13 years ago) Reply

watch out for Dr Manhattan

avatar (12 years ago) Reply

I think you mean Zack Snyder, there's also a filmmaker named Jack Snyder, but he has nothing to do with Watchmen.

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