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quietearth [Celluloid 10.23.08] post apocalyptic movie news

I'm having some real mixed feelings on this one. We recently reported Denzel Washington would be starring which is a travesty. Now comes news that the film is set for a February 2009 start date and it will have a budget of, wait for it.. $80 MILLION! That's alot of money to waste on someone who can't act. Whatever, I'll still watch it, I just won't be happy about it.

"Washington (BOO!) plays a survivor who must fend off gangs and a brutal tyrant in a desolate wasteland."

via Variety

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Evil Jesus (12 years ago) Reply

Denzel can't act? OK that sounds like fanboy nonsense to me. Like most actors he's taken money roles but to say he can't act is ridiculous. You might not like the cat at all. Hey, everybody gets an opinion. But the guy's got talent, when he chooses to use them. He's like Pacino in that way. Easy to dismiss but chops miles deep.


funcrusher (12 years ago) Reply

yeah i have to agree, denzel washington is a pretty rad actor even though he's had some shit roles. "malcolm x" was a really horrible film but denzel fucking nailed the role. also...maybe check out "much ado about nothing" and more recently "training day"...again "training day" isn't such a great movie but he plays a villain really well.

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