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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.28.08] movie apocalyptic news short scifi video

Resistanz is the story of a lone soldier fighting at the tail end of a war against pitiless alien invaders who have come to take advantage of his planet's resources. His comrades are gone and he's faced with the reality that his entire species is on the brink of destruction. The short is slow but well shot, in particular the set design is very realistic. Even though it has a slight science fiction element, the short doesn't hide its political intent. Director Max Dejoie had this to say about the film when it played The Pioneer Theatre in New York city in 2007:

"The main theme of Resistanz is (of course) the resistence against oppression, against invasion and against war. I like to think of this short film as a tribute to freedom, and I hope that i will leave something for the audience to think about and reflect on."

As I said, the message is pretty hard to miss in this one but Resistanz is enough to make me keep my eye on what Dejoie might do next.

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Avery (11 years ago) Reply

Wow!! That was great. It really got me. This director is definitely got a lot to offer.


rcdude (11 years ago) Reply


So- the 'aliens' were humans? From erath? Going to a planet that was populated by other beings? If that's true, then it had a good twilight Zone kid of twist. The message is a strong too. At least I think so.


gabriel (11 years ago) Reply

Not bad at all but I have to say I've read this same story in a comic book written by Geoff Johns. Inspiration or plagiarism.

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